Retrofittable Bending Robot solution

The RBR is a scalable bending cell based on the combination of the press brake HRB and RBR robot solution. 

Available in several sizes, from 50 tonnes 2 metres up to 220 tonnes 4 metres, it can be combined with 50 or 200 kg robot payload. The HRB 100 and 220 tonnes are also available with the ATC unit, the unique device capable of automatically changing AFH-ATC tools.

The auto-crowning device, to improve the longitudinal accuracy, and the bending indicator Bi-S, for in-cycle angle adjustment, complete the range of options for fully automatic and accurate production. 

The RBR automated bending cell has been designed to ensure a long production run, accuracy and simplicity of use, combined with a fast cycle time to boost productivity at the highest levels. 



The RBR can also be retrofitted to an existing HRB or HRB-ATC press brake; any press brake size can be combined with automation planning step-by-step investments.


Devices such as the Automatic Tool Changer, Automatic Gripper Changer and motorised regripping station automate the bending cell reducing the manual operation to minimum levels.


Conceived from the actual AMADA bending solution experience, VPSS 3i ARBEND is the perfect match for a very simple all-in-one user interface and high-level automatic bending algorithms. VPSS 3i ARBEND allows offline auto-generation of the bending sequence, as well as tooling for single and multiple parts.


Cell Manager is the management software which takes care of the complete cell allowing scheduling different parts, for a long production and high productivity.


Grippers are available through a wide range of predefined solutions. Custom solutions to fit specific part shapes are available.



The RBR series is available in combination with two different robots, the 50 and the 200kg payload, to meet the requirements of the production. The robot and related devices can also be retrofitted to an existing press brake.


The RBR series is available in combination with HRB and HRB-ATC series, a wide range of press brake sizes, from 50 tonnes 2 metres to 220 tonnes 4 metres. The HRB 100 tonnes and 220 tonnes are also available with the Automatic Tool Change (ATC), the unique solution capable of automatically loading and unloading AFH-ATC tools.


The wide unloading area allows placing of 6 Euro pallets. Other unloading pallet configurations are also available up to a max of 3000 x 1500, depending on the selected layout.


Designed for pallet loading, which can be fitted with up to 6 stacks by 500mm height. It is equipped with magnets, air blow and brushes* for effective sheet separation.




The RBR solution can also be equipped with the AGC station to let the robot automatically change the gripper based on the selection made by the offline programming VPSS 3i ARBEND. The AGC station enhances the flexibility of the solution and increases the capability of scheduling different parts.

Technical Data

Press brakeHRB, HRB-ATC
Axes composition6 axes + 1 travel
Travel axis stroke length (m)1012
Robot payload incl. gripper (kg)50200

Number of loading positions1
Number of stackMax. 6
Stack height max. (mm)500

Number of unloading positionsBased on layout configuration
Unloading methodPallet

Maximum Workpiece Size (mm)2000 x 10003000 x 1500
Minimum Workpiece Size (mm)300 x 200300 x 200

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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For your safe use.
Be sure to read the user manual carefully before use.
When using this product, appropriate personal protection equipment must be used.


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