AMADA software solutions - Ensuring “right first time” production

Today's market calls for a reduction in operating times, greater flexibility in the production cycle and high quality standards.

To meet these needs, AMADA has introduced VPSS 3i (Virtual Prototype Simulation System), a solution that can manage production flows, starting from the import of 2D/3D files and moving on to the offline production of blanking, bending and welding processes.

The VPSS 3i pack is fully integrated with the machine. It is intuitive and simple to use.

Solution Pack

Machines are managed with a number of solutions dedicated to each technology. The programmes, developed by the technical department, are saved in a shared database, where all phases of the organisation's production cycle reside.



3D CAD application, developed based on SolidWorks and integrated with the VPSS 3i pack. 
The programme has a wide range of exclusive functions for AMADA machines, to process assemblies, pipes and structures using specific controls for solid modelling and sheet metal development.


Production Designer

Production Designer is a 2D/3D CAD importer of the main commercially available native formats.
The programme features advanced functions to optimise any design defects.
Special processing, such as tapping, forming and marking are recognised by the system for correct management in a CAM environment.