Automated press brake for small to medium parts

The HG-ARs has been designed to offer maximum productivity, for small batch production, as well as different size parts, all with high flexibility and precision. The main components of the cell are the hybrid press brake with automatic tool changer, the dedicated highly flexible robot and the automatic gripper changer unit.

The hybrid press brake with ATC, Automatic Tool Changer can load even the most complex tool layout within minutes, thanks to the integrated ATC unit. The AMADA dedicated highly flexible robot, positioned on a configurable-length traverse axis can handle parts quickly, with flexibility and provides highly competitive cycle times. The AGC, Automatic Gripper Changer unit, can support up to 9 different grippers, available with different technologies and in different formats, designed for the optimal handling of all types of parts. The devices to unload the finished parts further increase production autonomy.



The machine is equipped with a servo hydraulic drive system. The hybrid technology delivers energy savings; in fact, the hydraulic circuit is operated "on demand" by the bending cycle. Far less hydraulic oil is used compared to a traditional bending machine, with an evident reduction in environmental impact. Plus, the servo hydraulic technology maximises speed and positioning precision. The HG-ARs also features an active hydraulic crowning system, that can respond in real time to any deflection of the upper beam, for constant results over the entire bend length.


The HG-ARs can carry out the necessary set ups for processing in fully automatic mode, without any manual intervention and in very short cycle times. The Automatic Tool Changer (ATC), integrated with the HG bending machine, can load tools, even when reversed, in the most complex of layouts. The two independent tool robots can setup multiple stations in less than two minutes, picking tools from the spacious tool storage. The robot grippers, positioned in the dedicated parking station, are also changed fully automatically, based on the specifications of the part to process.


The HG-ARs features latest-generation AMNC 3i numerical control. The 18.5’ touchscreen, with its user-friendly interface, enables complete management of the cell, with a single, simple and intuitive control station for the operator.


Dedicated AR-CAM software can be used for offline programming, generating programmes for the bending machine and robot, and fully simulating the cycle from picking the flat material to bending and storage of the final part. This means programming times and manual activities can be considerably reduced, maximising productivity.


The storage of bent parts is an important aspect of the automated bending process, and decisive in terms of stability and autonomy. The HG-ARs offers an extensive range of solutions for storage and a vast assortment of unloading devices, from simple floor pallets to conveyors and pallet changers.


In the automated bending process, cell accessories and devices are fundamental in ensuring the efficiency and flexibility of the entire system. This is why grippers are a crucial component. The HG-ARs is equipped with different size grippers featuring diverse technologies, including an innovative solution combining suction with mechanical grippers for maximum flexibility in handling parts.



The cell can carry out a quick fully automatically set-up due to ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) and AGC gripper changer functions. This means different parts can be scheduled fully automatically, without operator intervention, ensuring a very high level of productivity for any kind of batch size.


All components of the HG-ARs have been designed and developed to provide maximum speed and precision. The hybrid press with Automated Tool Changer, AMADA dedicated robot, AGC (Automatic Gripper Changer), compact layout and dedicated software offer a complete solution and unrivalled productivity for all types of batch sizes.


The HG-ARs features a number of devices and characteristics for superior precision and repeatability. The AMADA-patented gauging function ensures fast, precise positioning of the part on the back gauges, ensuring absolute precision over the entire bend length. The Bi-S device is used to measure and correct the angle in real time, ensuring a precise, reliable result.

Technical Data

Press brake:
Press capacity (kN)1000
DriveServo-Hydraulic press brake
Press beam length (mm)3110
Stroke (mm)250
Open height (mm)596
Angle sensor-

Robot type6 -axes robot
Travel axis stroke length (mm)8, 6.4, 5
Robot payload incl. gripper (kg)20

Gripper types:Vacuum type, Mechanical types, Combination type

ATC (Automated Tool Changer):
Number of tool stockers (punch)15
Number of tool stockers (dies)18
Tool layout length15 - 3000
Tool length increments5

Number of loading positionsFrom 2 to 4, depending on layout configuration
Vertical loadingYes

Number of unloading positions1,2 or 3 depending on track length and layout configuration
Unloading methodConveyor, Pallet, Pallet changer

Maximum Workpiece Size (mm)800 x 1000
Minimum Workpiece Size (mm)150 x 150
Workpiece thickness (mm)0.5 - 6.0

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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