Compact Storages


AMADA bespoke warehousing solutions with modular automated storage systems

The AMADA Compact Storage (CS) is a fully automated storage solution for flexible and centralised handling of raw material, parts and skeleton. The modular design offers the possibility to adapt the size and configuration of the storage system according to the available space in your factory. AMADA can connect FO lasers, combination machines and punching machines to the storage through the use of sophisticated automation solutions, increasing the efficiency and maximising your productivity - 24/7!

+ Connect one or more fibre lasers, punching or combination machines

+ High capacity that can be expanded according to need

+ Forklift traffic concentrated to input/output station - No manual unloading at the production cell

+ Effortless and quick material loading by automatic positioning on the I/O station


Achieving AMADA Blank to Bend Concept: it is possible to connect various blanking and bending cells via the CS II warehouse storage system to form a highly automated end-to-end solution.