Designed for applications where bending requires long hours and significant operator effort. Ideal for large or heavy parts

The HG-Rm has been designed to automate the bending process for medium and large size parts, for applications where bending requires long hours and significant operator effort, especially for large or heavy parts, when two operators are required. The solution is based on the top-end HG-1303 range, designed to meet production requirements through a hybrid technology and extremely robust structure. The machine is integrated with a 7-axis robot and a number of smart devices designed to facilitate the bending of complex parts and large panels.



The machine is equipped with a servo hydraulic drive system. The hybrid technology delivers energy savings; in fact, the hydraulic circuit is operated "on demand" by the bending cycle. Far less hydraulic oil is used compared to a traditional bending machine, with a clear environmental impact reduction. The servo hydraulic technology maximises speed and positioning precision. The HG-Rm also features an active hydraulic crowning system, that can respond in real time to any deflection of the upper beam, for constant results over the entire bend length.


The HG-Rm can process numerous parts, materials  and thicknesses, with high precision. Thanks to the mechanical bending indicator (Bi-S), the HG-Rm can measure and correct the angle on three points, in fully automatic mode. The angle is measured reading the spring back, to correct the approach movement of the beam and allow for active crowning in real time. The HG-Rm is equipped with standard features for measuring thickness and correcting relative bend data (Thickness Detector System - TDS), as well as the “Force Control” function that can maintain a stable bend angle through control of the force applied.


The robot grippers are changed fully automatically, based on the characteristics of the part to process. The cell has two parking areas. Each can house, 2 grippers, ensuring the availability of a wide range of grippers of different technologies and sizes.


Dedicated AR-CAM software can be used for offline programming, generating programmes for the bending machine and robot, and fully simulating the cycle from picking the flat material to bending and storage of the final part.
This means programming times and manual activities can be considerably reduced, to maximise productivity.


The dedicated robot has been specifically designed and optimised for average weight bending applications. With an 80 kg payload, an extensive area of movement, 6 axes and an external linear axis, the robot is a high-performing, flexible machine in all stages of the production process.



The HG-Rm is equipped with automatic systems that enable parts to be re-gripped during the bending process. Two devices, one for panels, the other specifically for profiles, can automatically vary the support area during the bending cycle, due to powered support arms.


The HG-Rm features a number of devices and provides high precision and repeatability. The AMADA-patented gauging function ensures quick, precise positioning of the part on the back gauges, for absolute precision over the bend length. The Bi-S device is used to measure and correct the angle in real time for a precise and constant result.


The HG-Rm offers a wide range of grippers, designed to handle specific parts for the maximum performance in terms of the cycle times. In particular, the sliding technology can optimise the handling cycle, with a considerable increase in productivity.

Technical Data

Press brake:
Press capacity (kN)1300
DriveServo-Hydraulic press brake
Press beam length (mm)3110
Stroke (mm)250
Open height (mm)520
Angle sensor-

Robot type6 -axes robot
Travel axis stroke length (mm)8, 4.8 in option
Robot payload incl. gripper (kg)80

Gripper types:Vacuum type, Sliding types, Combination type

Number of loading positions1
Vertical loadingNo
Workpiece stack height (mm)300

Number of unloading positions2
Unloading methodPallet

Maximum Workpiece Size (mm)1250 x 2500
Minimum Workpiece Size (mm)100 x 500
Workpiece thickness (mm)0.5 - 6.0

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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For your safe use.
Be sure to read the user manual carefully before use.
When using this product, appropriate personal protection equipment must be used.

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