Precise, productive and Eco-friendly hybrid bending machine

The HG is an AMADA solution that can get the most from the bending process providing an unrivalled productivity and precision. The HG is based on a hybrid technology for outstanding speed, dynamics and positioning accuracy, plus considerable energy saving features. Active hydraulic crowning and an active angle measuring system ensures maximum precision and linearity for all types of parts and materials, without the need for corrections. The back gauge, in the standard 5-axis configuration and optional configuration with additional Delta X, delivers an outstanding performance in terms of speed and dynamics always delivering precise positioning.



The machine is equipped with a servo hydraulic drive system. The hybrid technology delivers energy savings; in fact, the hydraulic circuit is operated "on demand" by the bending cycle. Far less hydraulic oil is used compared to a traditional bending machine, with clear reduction in environmental impact. The servo hydraulic technology maximises speed and positioning precision. The HG also features an active hydraulic crowning system, that can respond in real time to any deflection of the upper beam, for constant results over the entire bend length.


The HG can process numerous parts, materials and thicknesses, providing high precision. Due to the optional mechanical bending indicator (Bi-S) or laser bending indicator (Bi-L), the HG can measure and correct the angle on three points, in fully automatic mode. The angle is measured reading the spring back, to correct the downwards movement of the beam and allow for active crowning in real time. The HG is also equipped with standard features for measuring thickness and correcting bend data (TDS), as well as the “Force Control” function that can maintain a stable bend angle through control of the force applied.


The HG features latest-generation AMNC 3i numerical control. The 18.5’ touchscreen, with its user-friendly interface, enables complete management of the process, machine and all its functions, through a simple, intuitive approach. The AMNC 3i offers various types of programming (direct, 2D, 3D) and complete management of tool set-up allowing easy, fast programming for even the most complex parts. The AMNC 3i is the digital heart of the solution, connected to offline programming software and is a powerful and innovative tool that makes the HG "Industry 4.0” compatible.


The back gauge of the HG series has been designed and developed to meet criteria of precision, speed and reliability, ensuring an excellent performance and flexibility in gauging. The basic version consists of 5 axes and is also available with the optional Delta X function, based on two independent X axes. The back gauge is even more versatile with its U-Shape fingers, which are particularly effective in the case of taper bends and when processing asymmetrical parts. The true strength of the AMADA fingers is the optional FAST technology, an exclusive patent to move the axes at maximum speed, even in the safe area, in full compliance with European standards.


Bending process productivity is related to machine performance and also to ergonomic features that help the operator carry out work quickly and simply. Besides standard accessories such as sheet metal supports, sheet follower and automatic tool clamping systems, the HG features an “Auto Foot Pedal”, the smart sliding pedal that can automatically move opposite the bending station, saving considerable operator time and effort.


Dedicated CAM software, VPSS 3i Bend, can be used for offline programming, fully simulating the bending process. The programme can be automatically generated and uploaded to the machine using a bar code reader. The integrated AMADA programming solution eliminates all manual programming, and enables the machine to operate in continual mode, maximising productivity.



Due to the hybrid power system, electricity consumption is reduced considerably, by approximately 30% compared to bending machines with inverter technology. The amount of oil used and machine wear are drastically reduced, with evident benefits in terms of environmental impact and relative costs.


The HG is equipped with a number of functions for precision bending, unrivalled on the market. The combination of active crowning and measure the angle device ensures maximum angle precision and linearity, without rejected parts.


Designed for high productivity, the upper beam and back gauge deliver an outstanding performance in terms of speed and dynamics.

Technical Data

Press capacity (kN)50080010001000
Press beam length (mm)2150260031103110
Distance between frames (mm)1700221027002700
Stroke (mm)250250250250
Open height without holder (mm)520520520596
Throat depth (mm)450450450450
Working height (mm)953953953953
Bending speed (mm/sec)20202020
Approach speed (mm/sec)220220220220
Return speed (mm/sec)250250250250

Length (mm)4490500054905490
Width (mm)2923292328132813
Height (mm)2846286228922990
Weight (kg)5630670076509100
Press capacity (kN)1300170022002200
Press beam length (mm)3110311031104300
Distance between frames (mm)2700270027003760
Stroke (mm)250250250250
Open height without holder (mm)520520520520
Throat depth (mm)450450450450
Working height (mm)953960960950
Bending speed (mm/sec)20202020
Approach speed (mm/sec)220220220220
Return speed (mm/sec)250250250250

Length (mm)5510556055896650
Width (mm)2820288029222922
Height (mm)3125318932153215
Weight (kg)9750138001565018500

Technical data can vary depending on configuration / options
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When using this product, appropriate personal protection equipment must be used.

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