AMADA Solution Center in Germany

Established in 1946 in Japan by Isamu Amada, the Group now has some 90 companies including sales branches, production sites and investees, and over 8,000 employees worldwide.
AMADA offers a fully-comprehensive range of solutions for sheet metal processing, and to promptly meet the changing needs of the market and its customers, the Group has set up a network of production poles in strategic areas: Japan, Europe, North America and China.


AMADA GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of AMADA Co., Ltd., founded as a sales and service company in 1972 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Today the AMADA GmbH has its headquarters in the Solution Center in Haan and is responsible for the areas Germany, Austria and Netherlands in direct sales. The south branch is located in the Technical Center in Eching, Landshut.

The company AMADA OOO (Moscow, Russia) and AMADA Sp. z o.o. (Krakow, Poland) are again 100% subsidiaries of AMADA GmbH.

Other Eastern European countries are served on locally-based Partners.



The new general headquarters have become a focal point for the Group's European strategies, consolidating synergies among branches and providing the means to offer targeted, innovative solutions for our Customers. AMADA operates in Europe with 10 branches in 13 countries and 8 production sites, employing a staff of 1,500, to serve around 30,000 customers.


More than just a manufacturer of machine tools, AMADA proposes technological solutions to boost the technological edge of its Customers. In fact, we promote an integrated concept of our work, offering bespoke solutions. This goal is shared within the Group, devising and creating together customised responses for each need and industrial issue.